Product Photography for E-commerce


Hi, I'm Tracy and I'm the co-founder of ANZI.

I am proud to say that not long after starting our business I managed to learn to maneuver around social media, Shopify, product photography/editing and product styling. As a 50-something mom of three that's an accomplishment!

I got over my perfectionist side fast, because when you have a shop and you´re in a hurry to get on-line you learn in the trenches that "good enough" will just have to do. 

Through trial and error I learned how to create great results quickly because that's all that matters.

And I picked up a lot of handy skills--if I can shoot product shots fast for ANZI, why not offer my service to you too?

If you have products you would like to sell online and you need high quality photos, I can shoot them for you in our Barcelona studio.

I work quickly using my iphone for shooting & editing--I have a fancy big DSLR camera but I find my phone is faster and gives excellent results. 

Check out our website for examples of my work--I shot all the photography except the youtube video (that was Sebastien of Peninsula Productions--he does great work!) 

So contact me to talk about how I can help you get your product shots fast at or by phone at +34 608 951 637.

Xx Tracy